Monday, June 29, 2009

Crackhead steals my bike...

me: a crack head stole my bike!
itzdoodoobaybee: noooooooooooo
me: n i got it back! but he threw away my shark horn
itzdoodoobaybee: lol!
itzdoodoobaybee: how did you get it back?
me: i had it locked up on glasselland the liqour store guy told me who did it
and the crackhead was just sitting there with it in hart park!
itzdoodoobaybee: OMG thats crazy
me: & i was like um, can i have my bike back? hahha
itzdoodoobaybee: lol
itzdoodoobaybee: was he like "oh sure"
me: he was like "some stupid kid musta stole it! that's not my bike"
me: he was there with all these other crackheadsthought i was gunna get stabbed....
and then i rode away saying" i cut bitches! RIVER DEEP"
me: maybe not, but i shoulda
itzdoodoobaybee: that woulda ruled!
itzdoodoobaybee: thats crazy, you're bike just got cooler
me: HA! She's been through the HOOD now
me: Her new name is Sharkesha